The Increasing Importance of Formalising Family Arrangements
15th February 2017

Reading the Small Print

Life is very complex. There are hundreds of thousands of laws now that apply to almost every aspect of life. What were once relatively simple tasks, like arranging insurance, opening a new bank account or hiring or becoming an employee are now very complex activities involving reams of small print and pages of documents.

I think the complexity of law, and the complexity of life has meant tat even everyday transactions are subject to a document covered in “small print”. Small print is very important, and is often drawn up as a trap for the unwary. Many people skip the terms and conditions when entering into contracts, but in truth those terms and conditions set out the rights and obligations of the parties, almost invariably skewed in favour of the party who drew up those terms and condition.

Reading terms and conditions can be an odious task, but one that is very important. Even if the terms and conditions are written in very large print, you should carefully read them and if unsure about the meaning of any term seek advice.


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